Traditional Path  


The Traditional Path is the only path is the only path to the LPCC, now that the grandparenting period is over.  This path can be used by counselors who cannot meet the grandparenting timeline and all future applicants for the LPCC in California.

There is no application deadline to take this path, so applicants can apply any time.

The Process:

  1. Counselors will complete a graduate degree that includes the LPCC requirements. See links below for requirements.
  2. Next, counselors will apply to the BBS to register as a Professional Clinical Counselor Intern (PCCI) to earn their 3,000 supervised hours over a minimum of two years and a maximum of six years.  Applicants will have one year, from the date of their letter of deficiencies, to complete any education deficiencies outlined by the BBS.  All education requirements must be completed before the intern number can be assigned.
  3. The LPCC Law & Ethics Exam and the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam will be taken when all supervised hours are complete.  An exam must be attempted at least once a year until all have been passed.

This process can take several years, since applicants will have one year to complete the application, one year to complete deficiencies after Board notification, one year to complete each exam and up to six years to complete the 3,000 supervised hours.

Counselors licensed in other states, who are applying for the LPCC in California, may have already met these requirements, so their path to licensure will be expedited.

The following pages on this website pertain to the Traditional Path:

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