CALPCC Membership

Professional ($100/Year)

  • You hold a graduate degree in counseling, or a related field.
  • You are licensed, or plan to apply for licensure as a LPCC in California within 12 months of membership application.
  • You hold a graduate degree in counseling, but will not pursue the LPCC.*

Student ($30/Year)

  • You do not hold a graduate degree in counseling or a related field
  • You are enrolled in a master's or doctoral program leading to a degree in counseling, or a related field
  • This category does not apply to those taking post-degree courses to meet requirements for licensure.

Intern ($30/Year)

  • You are registered, or plan to be registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) as a LPCC intern within 12 months of membership application.
  • You are not licensed or license-eligible within 12 months of membership application.
  • This category does not apply to those who have been licensed in another state and are making up deficiencies for licensure in California

*Counselors with a graduate degree in counseling, who do not pursue the LPCC, may join as Professional Members with full voting privileges for the officers and directors of CALPCC.  However, at a date to be determined by the CALPCC Board, members who do not hold the LPCC license will be classified as Affiliate Members or Emeritus Members without voting privileges.  Those who hold California's LPCC license in good standing will be classified as Clinical Members, and only Clinical Members will be eligible to vote for Officers and Directors of the CALPCC Board.

Student/Intern members will have voting privileges for one Student/Intern position on the CALPCC Board.


CALPCC is a professional association designed to provide advocacy, support and resources for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, including those on the path to licensure.  

Your CALPCC Dues will Support:

  • Members Only section on the website
  • Connections with other LPCCs through an online membership Forum and Member Directory
  • Updates on matters of interest to LPCCs, PCCIs, students and applicants
  • Representation of LPCCs at BBS committee and board meetings and other mental health meetings
  • Advocacy through lobbyists in Sacramento to represent LPCC interests
  • Monitoring of other bills that could impact the LPCC license
  • Personalized email responses to questions through the application process and beyond
  • Information on counseling services, such as professional liability insurance, continuing education providers and conferences
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Promotion of the LPCC to the mental health community, the public, employers and insurance companies.

As more counselors become licensed, additional benefits will include:

  • Counselor Finder registry, so the public can access your services
  • Local gatherings of members by geographical area

Legal vs Ethical Advice

  • CALPCC does not and cannot provide legal advice to its members.  Those needing legal advice are advised to consult a private attorney in their community.
  • CALPCC does have an Ethics Committee which will process requests for interpretation of the American Counseling Association's Code of Ethics.

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