Dual Licensure

Dual Licensure is not required, but was an option for currently licensed LMFTs and LCSWs through the grandparenting path.  It is also an option for those currently completing their degrees, if they meet the education, supervision and examination requirements for both licenses.

Grandparenting Option:  This option ended December 31, 2011.  Since some applicants are still completing the process, the requirements are still posted here. Grandparenting application 1 A allowed LMFTs or LCSWs, who were currently licensed and in good standing with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, to apply for the LPCC license, if they met the LPCC education requirements and passed the LPCC "gap" exam. 

The qualifying degree must be a master's or doctoral degree in counseling or psychotherapy, contain 48 units, 6 units of practicum or fieldwork and at least three semester units or four and one half quarter units in each of 9 core content areas.  See Core Content areas.  Seven of the nine core courses must be within the degree and up to two core content courses may be taken post-degree, if needed, before the license can be granted.

Exceptions to the above degree requirements apply to applicants with degrees issued prior to 1996.  These degrees must be at least 30 semester units or 45 quarter units, and include three semester units of supervised practicum or fieldwork and at least six of the core content areas.  The applicant may take post-degree graduate coursework to achieve 48 units and all 9 core areas, required for licensure.

Applicants will have one year from their letter of deficiencies from the BBS to make up allowable units or coursework, as explained above, and to pass the "gap" exam.  If deficiencies are not completed in 12 months, the application will be closed.

Although at one point the BBS advised that MFT and ASW interns might be able to apply through this path, even if they had not yet received their degrees, the BBS attorney clarified that applicants for grandparenting application 1 A must hold their LMFT or LCSW license by the December 31, 2011 application deadline.  Those who have not received their license by the application deadline cannot take advantage of the grandparenting path, but they can apply as a LPCC applicant through grandparenting application 1 B, meet the education requirements, use their MFTI or ASW supervised practice hours and take the LPCC exams.

Options for Interns:  Interns may apply supervised hours to both licenses, as long as the supervision requirements for each license are completed. Note that there are some differences in the supervsion requirements for each license.  Applicants must meet the educational requirements for each license, for which they are applying, before they can be registered.  Interns can apply to register as an intern for two licenses at the same time, so all of their hours can be applied toward both licenses.  Or, applicants can apply for a second registration any time during their first internship, but hours for the second license will only start to count, once the intern has received the second registration number.  Applicants would need to pass the examinations required for each license.

Continuing Education:  These hours can be applied to both licenses, as long as they are appropriate topics for each license.

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