CALPCC Mission, Vision, Goals

Following is the vision, mission and goals of the new organization.

Name: California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors

Vision: To provide leadership for legislative, advocacy and promotional efforts on behalf of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) in California.

Mission:  To build and support the recognition and effective utilization of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) in California as distinct and valuable providers within the clinical mental health profession.


  • To provide on-going protection for LPCCs through legislative action, regulatory advocacy and organized contact with California legislators.
  • To protect consumers of counseling services in California by continuing to strengthen qualifications and ethical practice standards for LPCCs in California.
  • To promote the understanding and visibility of LPCCs to the public.
  • To represent LPCCs at meetings of the Board of Behavioral Sciences and statewide coalitions of mental health providers.
  • To serve and represent the common professional and business interests of LPCCs to ensure parity with other licensed mental health professionals.
  • To provide relevant information to LPCCs regarding legal, ethical, business or practice concerns, and trends and legislation at the national level.
  • To provide community building and professional development for LPCCs through workshops, conferences and virtual methods of communication.
  • To include the expertise and advice on legislative/advocacy issues from the various counseling specialties to enhance the common good for all LPCCs and the counseling profession in California.

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