Advertising with CALPCC could offer your organization a new opportunity for increased online traffic. (

The CALPCC is a growing professional association that will serve LPCCs in California. Its members will need services as they become licensed and develop their professional careers. Advertising opportunities are available for the CALPCC website. In the last several months the CALPCC website averaged over 5,500 visits.  These numbers will only grow, as more counselors become interested in this new license and CALPCC is able to offer more services and products on its website.

Advertising Opportunities

Graphic Ads include the advertiser's graphics or logo, a url link to its website and a text listing of 50 words (optional).
Text Listings include the advertiser's text, a url link to its website or to a pdf flyer.
Home Page advertising as a CALPCC Sponsor. This option includes the advertiser's logo and a link to its website  on the HOME PAGE and in the footer that appears on every page of the website.  In addition, the advertiser may post a Text Listing up to 50 words in a category of its choice (see details below)  This option is available for $2,500 per year.

Advertising Categories

The following categories for advertising on CALPCC’s website are available. Ads will be placed on one of the following pages accessed from the CALPCC Home Page.

  1. Course Providers (includes Continuing Education, Graduate Courses, Exam Preparation, and Graduate Programs)
  2. Upcoming Events (Conferences, meetings, workshops)
  3. Professional Services (Professional liability insurance, legal assistance, books, assessments, etc.)

Note: Other types of ads, not included here, will be evaluated and agreed upon by CALPCC. Website advertising space is limited and is available at CALPCC’s discretion. See the Advertising Policies for more information. Furthermore, by advertising with CALPCC, you understand that CALPCC does NOT endorse any specific programs or institutions.  

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